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Expert Upholstery CleanerKN Cleaning Ltd. delivers professional furniture cleaning in SW London and can help you with any household or office related upholstery cleaning need you may have. Every member of our professional cleaning company has been trained in the proper conduct and cleansing procedures that go with booking us.

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning

We regularly use our furniture without even thinking about it, it's such an important part of our lives that it deserves a good treatment now and again. Here are just a few of the benefits of using upholstery and furniture cleaning:

  • safely removes stains and spotting
  • prolongs the life of your furniture
  • protects you and your family from dust related illnesses
  • eradicates and further prevents bed bugs
  • suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • increases the value of the property
  • safe for babies and animals

Our services come with no liability for you as we are fully insured. As a part of our professional merit, you and your upholstery cleaning need to be first – that's why you can contact us on 020 3746 4604 at any time of the day and night and ask about the great discounts and free quotes that we offer to all of our clients.

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Cleaning Methods

You'd be glad to know that apart from the obligatory steam and dry furniture cleaning, we also offer a slew of different professional services that would greatly aid you in achieving the spotless household or office you deserve. All of them cover a wide area and are designed to give you a complete service if used together. Should you order more than one of them at a time, you will get a big price reduction to your final order, that way you are saving time and money! Depending on what you have, your furniture will be subjected to the following:

Steam cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning London is used on a certain type of upholstery and fabrics as it utilizes hot water as the main cleansing agent. While very useful in dealing with households with allergy prone residents, many years of experience show that this method should only be used on fabrics including:

  • 100% cotton
  • Cotton polyester
  • Alcantara leather
  • Faux Suede
  • Microfiber

The cleaning method itself is quite similar to that of carpets, however, we take greater care since furniture has small crevasses, curves and generally more surfaces to cover than a carpet. Steam cleaning is especially effective in dealing with oil, food and generally water based stains as it binds best with their composites though it also successfully removes grease, grass stains, and rust.

The team we dispatch will examine the furniture and determine the exact type of upholstery to ensure the proper treatment. Stains that are particularly tricky to remove are treated additionally so the couch cleaning experts have an easier time in delivering you with the promised spotless results. They then hoover it to remove small particles that might interfere with the steaming process. Water is put in our specialized machine along with a custom detergent that corresponds to the stains you have, both are then brought to a boil to create steam. This is then injected deep into the fibers of the fabric so it binds with the dirt particles and simultaneously extracted by a strong vacuum, removing 95% of the moisture.

Generally, furniture takes up to 3 hours to completely dry out, but an open window should speed up the process. In cases where this is not viable, we can use our large air movers to make short work of the leftover 5% moisture and guarantee your full satisfaction as quickly as possible.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning has a wider use when dealing with upholstery as most textiles are prone to shrinking and cannot withstand water treatment. This, as the name suggest, is a method that uses little to no moisture, which is ideal for surfaces that dry slowly and generally do not respond well to most treatments. It is quick and efficient at removing any dirt and grime accumulated in your furniture as it utilizes a fine dust that binds to all unwanted particles and moist areas. This has a refreshing effect on all fabrics and is generally great in rejuvenating furniture, but best works on:

  • Plush
  • Suede
  • Silk/Viscose
  • Chenille
  • Cotton Velvet
  • Printed Cotton
  • Linen
  • Acrylic Dralon
  • Tapestry Fabric
  • Nubuck
  • Polyamide Nylon
  • Polished Cotton
  • Untreated leather
  • Acrylic Brocade
  • Cotton Polyester Viscose

Since sofas and upholstery furniture have more areas to cover, small crevasses and dips, our experts take greater care and attention to make sure that every small detail is cleaned to perfection. They first vacuum so no contamination will occur during the cleaning process, and as mentioned above – they will pre-treat any stains before initiating the dry treatment process to produce the promised result.

After that, they will spread the fine dust and drive it deep into the base of the fibers with a small brush so it can bind with the dirt inside. Afterward, everything is extracted via powerful vacuum and voilà, the process is over. Now you are left with a refreshed upholstery that is safe and ready to be used immediately, no drying time – nothing!

Dry Foam Cleaning

Furniture Steam CleaningThis is a furniture cleaning method we use in cases where the materials are not as moisture sensitive as others. With still a little to no drying time, the procedure is effective when removing grease, tar, fatty substances and any oil based materials. The way it differs from the other dry upholstery cleaning method we employ is that it utilizes a dry foam that crystallizes upon exposure to oxygen. The dry compound does not negatively affect the fibers so there is no chance of damage. The crystallized dry foam binds to the small particles in the base of the textile, after a 10 minute wait our expert London furniture cleaners will extract everything via a specialized machine. The furniture will be completely dry within 1 hour of the procedure, ready for you to enjoy it in its clean and refreshed state. In case you don't want to wait, an open window will expedite the process.

Additional Services Provided by KN Cleaning Ltd.


You trying to quit smoking but every time you sit down on your sofa a waft of that familiar tobacco smell hits you, and you want it removed? Or perhaps it's an aging piece of furniture that needs a refreshing smell? Deodorizing is the ideal service for you as it not simply masks the odor, but it removes it completely. We use odor neutralizers and deodorizers that can deal with a large catalog of olfactory irritants, each of which leaves your room smelling like lemon or a tropical forest.

We can either apply it via a fogger or use it combined with our upholstery cleaning detergents, all of which are natural and toxin free, making them safe to use in households with children and pets, and pose no threat to your workforce, if used in a commercial setting.

Stain Removal

Dining and family areas, generally tend to get dirty - a forgivable mistake or two, but why tolerate a stained dining chair when you can easily get them cleaned and brought back to their original state, quickly and cheaply? We deal with all sorts of stains, and believe our technicians are able to resolve any problem you may have, to give you an idea of the extensive catalog of problems we've successfully removed, here are just to name a few:

  • shellac
  • ink
  • syrup
  • waxes
  • bitumen
  • eggs
  • cosmetics
  • paint
  • excrement
  • food coloring
  • seals
  • cherryade
  • varnish
  • enamels
  • radiator leaks

Depending on the type of stain and the severity of the solving, our experts will use several types of detergents and cleaning agents that will react with the problem and remove it without compromising the state of your furniture. For dried adhesives like enamels, resins and rust they will use “Solvex” in addition to either dry or steam cleaning depending on the fabric. The stain itself will be pre-treated with the detergent and completely removed with the extraction of the leftover residue in the fibers. If perhaps the issue you have is not in the list above, feel free to contact our representatives and ask them about your current problem and if we can deal with it.

What We Clean in London:

With the abundance of materials, furniture has become more and more diverse in its composition, luckily we can clean it all. Here are the furniture types our experts can deal with:

Sofa - Fabric Textile upholstered furniture is easily stained, especially with cat and pet urine, not to worry, though. Since textile is more versatile in its composition and there are more variations of it than any other furniture material, there a lot of solutions to the soiling and staining problems you may have. We either employ dry or steam cleaning, in cases where the affected areas are heavily soiled, we can hand treat them to ensure complete dirt extraction.

Leather You have to be careful with leather upholstered furniture because it can be quite delicate and if not treated with the proper products it can be damaged. That is why we use cleaning and treatment products from “Prochem”, one of the world's leading manufacturers of leather sofa care materials.

Because we want you to be completely satisfied we will send our supervisor to initially inspect the problem and see what can be done. We often do a small test on a nonvisible patch of the leather, under the cushions, to figure out the exact type of leather and how it responds to our different lotions. A leather upholstery cleaning foam is sprayed on the material, it is then gently rubbed with a small brush that loosens the accumulated dirt. All of it is then cleared away with a cloth wipe, after which a deep conditioning formula is applied to the leather to secure the clean state of the furniture and protect the leather from cracking. This rejuvenation layer will dry withing 1-2 hours leaving you with a spotless couch.

Additionally, if there are any preexisting cracks in the leather, we can cover them up with our crack filler, however, when booking you'll need to send us a picture so we can make sure and supply you with the right colour.

Suede, along with velvet, is one of the most delicate materials upholstered furniture is made out of. They do not go well with hot water, and that is why we recommend that the textile is treated with either dry powder or dry foam. Both methods have minimal to no moisture leftover, and best clean out organic and oil based staining.

The sofa is hoovered to remove particles that might interfere with these procedures, any bad stains are pre-treated and removed. Our technicians then carefully put powder on the material and scrubs it using a special high-pressure machine that drives the cleaning agent into the base of the fibers. They attach to grime, mold and are then hoovered out together.

If you are curious to see what extracted grime looks like, our technicians will show you the refuse receptacle, just to give you an idea what was inside your precious suede sofa.

  • Settee
  • Loves Seats
  • Chaise Lounges
  • L-Shaped Sofas
  • Futons
  • Ottomans
  • Foot Stools
  • Bed Headboards
  • Dining Chairs

Booking Our Expert Upholstery Cleaners

Don't waste any more time and book your upholstery cleaning service in London either by calling 020 3746 4604, or fill out our simple booking form. A representative of ours will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment, or if you want you can receive a free quote and then decide to employ our team.

Benefits of booking us

We'd like to make the choice of the right upholstery cleaning company in SW easy for you, so here's an expert of some of the many benefits you will enjoy once you pick up the phone and give us a call.

  • A constant customer support
  • No deposit needed
  • Full insurance
  • Custom quotes for businesses
  • With all of our discounts, you save time and money
  • Can be scheduled on weekends and bank holidays
  • Multiple discounts for both regular and new clients

A cleaning question came to mind, but it's late at night and there is no customer, not with us – our team of experts is available to address your concerns. We also have an instant chat in place to ease the communication between you and us. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and book us today!

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