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KN Cleaning Ltd. offers a tried and tested, professional rug cleaning service for the entire South West London region as well as the entirety of the Greater London area. Our trained and vetted employees will steam or dry clean your regular and Persian rugs quickly and cheaply.

  • Clean sensitive and exotic rugs
  • Eliminates trapped pollutants
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Kills of hazardous bacteria
  • Reduces allergens
  • Freshens the fabric
  • Leaves a nice smell

Our affordable prices can be even lower as we have several discounts for regular and new customers as well as bulk orders, which you can ask about once you call 020 3746 4604

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KN Cleaning Ltd. Rug Cleaning Methods

Rugs vary greatly in their composition, some can withstand how water treatments, others are more delicate. If you have a priceless Persian rug you know how delicate they can be, luckily we have:

Steam Rug Cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaning LondonWater vapor is suitable for dealing with synthetic and woolen rugs textiles, as it best passes through the fibers and gets to the grime that needs be extracted. Since most area rugs are made out of synthetic materials, we'd recommend this treatment to their owners. The vapor itself disintegrates dust and any other oil or grease based stains, and also efficiently reacts with food based spotting.

Since rugs are small and can be easily transported, unlike wall to wall carpets, we can take care of them in our office or if you'd prefer our experts can perform the steam cleaning procedures on premise. An inspection of the fibers is made to determine how affected they are and what type of treatment needs to be prepared. Our expert London rug cleaners will choose the appropriate cleaning agent corresponding to the stain and the treatment.

This service can be easily combined with steam carpet cleaning, as not only will you have your entire flooring cleaned, but you'll save money using our multiple services discounts. Steam is also best used in treating dust mite infestations, prophylactic cleaning is recommended as it will not only freshen the fabric up, but it also keeps it clean and dust mite and allergen free. For those who chose this option, we have regular scheduling discounts, which further drives the price of our service down - good value for money!

Dry Rug Cleaning

The dry rug cleaning method is very versatile as it can be used to treat both natural and synthetic rug fibers and to successfully remove stains spanning from tar to cooking grease and chewing gum. It is a more gentle approach which is why natural fabrics and exotic rugs are cleaned with a fine powder penetrating the base of the textile and reaching deep into the base. It then attaches to the small dust and grime particles so it can both be extracted via our specialized vacuum machine.

To make sure that this is the right treatment, a quick fiber test is performed on the rug. Then any debris and small particles like hairs and crumbs are hoovered. The specialized cleaning powder is sprayed on the affected areas, even on shaggy rugs, and is driven deep into the textile with a fine brush that helps the small particles attach to the dirt inside.

If you are curious our expert cleaners will show you the receptacle where all of the rubbish is collected, just to give you an idea how effective this service is.

Oriental and Special Rugs Cleaning

For oriental and expensive rugs like Indian, Tabriz or Persian we have a professional design method of cleaning, that will not compromise the strengths and beauty of the exquisite fibers. Our treatment can also repair dangerously damaged areas of your rugs and give a well-needed restoration to the delicate textile. We can also have them picked up and treated carefully at our office, but if you prefer the expert cleaning teams can also complete the project on-sight. For the safety and comfort of your family, we've made sure that all detergents are family and pet-friendly and have absolutely no toxic materials inside of them – making them safe for people with sensitive skins and allergies.

Our services are not charged by the hour, but instead based on the rugs cleaned, meaning you can have multiple rugs cleaned without worrying about costing you too much.

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