Karlnuttall Carpet Company Reviews

Reviewed by Antony Beauchamps on Jan 8, 2016

We’ve finally gotten a dog - a magnificent sand colored golden retriever. Unfortunately, still a puppy he lacks many hygiene habits. That, of course, resulted in an ice cream shaped poop right in the center of our Persian rug. My wife changed her face’s color three times! Told her to calm down and started looking for a reliable cleaning provider. I then stumbled upon SW Carpet Company`s website and decided to give them a chance. They came relatively fast. My rug was deeply treated and the poop was now history. They did provide the excellent service they claimed they do on their website. The only thing I was not quite happy with is the fact that one of the technicians English skills were very poor. At the end, he tried to give me some post cleaning advice, but couldn’t explain it smoothly. Nonetheless, I’m happy with this cleaning company and will use their services all over again.

Reviewed by Dean Coll on Dec 11, 2015

My corridor and stair carpets were in terrible condition - spots, beer spills, fading colors...I was really thinking of replacing them, but due to my tight budget, I fist decided to have them treated by a professional agency. A friend of mine mentioned about SW Carpet Company - “they clean good at reasonable prices”, he said. So I called them right away. Highly recommended, they did live up to my expectations - all spots and polish stains have been removed, bad smell eliminated, They’ve even managed to bring back the original vividness of my carpet colors! Finally, they deodorized all over my house and gave me some important post-cleaning advice. SW’s first impression was impeccable - I will definitely call them again!

Reviewed by Sarah Connor on Dec 1, 2014

I was trying to clean my rugs by myself. Unfortunately dirt and soil were building up and I had no choice but to call cleaning company. I was really impressed with the results and surprised that you use eco-friendly products. Thank you, I will recommend you to my neighbours.

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