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Pro Mattress Cleaners KN Cleaning Ltd. has the right tools and training to take care of any mattress cleaning problems you may have in a cost-effective manner. The experts in our professional company deliver insured commercial and domestic cleaning services in SW London.

Bed mattresses can accumulate quite a lot of dead skin and dust over the years, which can lead to the increase in bed bug populations. Contact with their feces has lead to mild, and in some cases severe, dermal inflammations and the only way to get rid of them is by using a professional mattress sanitation and stain removal service like ours.

  • Successfully removes bed bugs
  • Saves you money, no need to buy a new mattress
  • Prevents allergen irritants
  • Reduces chances of respiratory inflammations
  • Removes unpleasant odors
  • Extracts dog and cat urine stain completely
  • Freshens up the mattress
  • Is known to help people with sensitive skins

On-field expertise will prove to be a worthy ally in the struggle against the nasty critters in your bed mattress. Simply give 020 3746 4604 a call and talk to our representatives.

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Mattress Cleaning Methods

Steam Bed Mattress Sanitation and Stain Removal

Steam is ideal for mattress sanitizing as it not only successfully removes all kinds of staining, but it also kills the harmful bacteria and bed bugs populations that could be found in the average household. Mattresses are a breeding ground for lots of microscopic creatures, constantly feeding on dead skin and fallen hair. Though they are not fatal and cannot be seen by the naked eye, they have been linked with severe allergies and skin irritations. Steam bed mattress cleaning and sensitization is flexible in its use, it not only treats bed bug infestations but it also successfully extracts dog and cat urine stains as well as different food and grease based substances.

With a treatment application time of only 16 minutes, it will be over before you know it. Our expert mattress cleaners will inspect the infected areas, hoover the entire surface to loosen any debris in the fabric, this will allow him to steam treat the entire bed mattress without having to worry about contamination. The water vapor is inserted deep into the base of the fibers under high pressure, it loosens and brings up any unwanted materials and kills of any remaining bed bugs. Simultaneously with the insertion, a strong vacuum sucks the debris and water out, leaving only a freshly cleaned bed bug-free mattress. No toxins and hazardous chemicals will be used in the process, as we strive to remove the chances of any allergic reactions, not to bring about a new set of inflammations. This is why all equipment used in the process is ecologically friendly and approved by the authorities – this is to ensure the complete safety and well-being of your family.

Dry Mattress Cleaning and Bed Bug Removal (ultraviolet, vibration)

This is a procedure that specializes in the eradication and complete removal of bed bugs and harmful bacteria infestations. It utilizes UV lights that penetrate deep into the base of the infested bed mattress and it kills all bed lice populations. A specialized vibrating machine is used to shake up the mattress and loose all debris and now dead pests. Depending on the severity of the infestation, our team will repeat the procedure until the surface and base are completely safe and clean. A vacuum will be intermittently used to suck up all of the dead grime and pest carcasses. During this procedure, other allergens are also eliminated and extracted, making this one of the best choices for an infested bed mattress. The procedure also has a residual effect of 72+ hours during which it the agent used on the mattress still eliminates any unwanted guests. Since it does not use any type of cleaning agents apart from the ultraviolet lights, it is safe for the natural pigmentation of both your mattress and pillows and no drying is required. Odor, most of the time, is the byproduct of bacteria activity. Since the dry mattress sanitizing method actively destroys bacteria populations, it also removes any obnoxious odors caused by said critters. And since we carry all of our equipment with us, we can do an on-sight treatment, without even having to remove the mattress from the bed.

Additional Mattress Cleaning Services

Mattress Deodorizing

Bacteria activity is the main cause of bad odors in mattresses and furniture. During a long term usage, a mattress can accumulate a lot of dust and dead skin, on which said bacteria feed. This process is what causes the well-known olfactory irritations, but to remove them you'd need specialized equipment. Luckily for you, we are fully prepared to deal with instances of bad smells, either caused by pets or bacteria. Depending on the cause, we either use our odor neutralizer agent supplied by Prochem or an ultraviolet emitting light that deals with bacteria and bed bugs. Steam cleaning is also a very useful method for removing stains and any leftover smells, which also has a refreshing effect on the fabric and the room in general. Odour neutralization is quick and effective, the application of which only takes about 16 minutes. Since we don't use any toxic substances the procedure can be used in commercial and domestic settings.

Bed Stains Removal

Food or urine staining on a mattress can be quite difficult to remove if no action is taken quickly, luckily we have a quick response time and are available from 5:30 am to 23:30 pm even on weekends and holidays. For stains of all nature, we recommend steam mattress cleaning since it best reacts with the fibers and easily removes any unwanted leftovers. Anything that seems to difficult to remove will be pre-treated to ensure it's full extraction from the fabric, using only eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents that have been tested and proven child and pet safe. We have a mobile machine that can also easily deal with any staining without having to remove the mattress from the bed. The application time ranges from 15-20 minutes, with almost no drying needed. And since we only charge for the mattress done, you can save quite a lot of money only from one visit.

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