Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floor cleaners LondonFor a fast and complete hard floor cleaning job in South West London, call KN Cleaning Ltd. We deal with all hard floor cleaning problems you may have and we do it quickly and professionally. With same day booking and multiple price discounting, our cleaning service is one of the safest and most secure ones in the capital area.

Benefits of our Hard Floor Cleaning:

  • A more hygienic households
  • Gives life to the colours of your hard flooring
  • Contributes to the longevity of your hardwood floors
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Presentable business location
  • Boost to workforce morale
  • Removes old stains and dried up paint

A full insurance coverage will leave no liabilities and untied knots, with all of your belongings kept safe and out of harms way. To add to that, an honest payment system will have you pay for the spaces cleaned, and not for the time it took us to do it. For businesses and households, in a case of an emergency, we have weekend and holiday bookings. Simply place a call to 020 3746 4604 and enjoy our benefits.

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Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Hard Floor Cleaning

There is an abundance of hard floor designs and materials that UK households and businesses nowadays have, so we've made an effort to accommodate all of your hard floor maintenance, cleaning and buffing needs in a small yet convenient package. Our expert hard floor cleaning service cover, but are not limited to:

  • Brick Limestone Tiles Oil Cloth
  • Tarmac Granite Laminate Lino
  • Concrete Marble Parquet Vinyl
  • Stone Slate Linoleum Terrazzo

*in case you don't see the type of hard floor you have, contact our specialists by calling 020 3746 4604 and ask if we cover what you have. Each of these has a specially designed method of cleaning that will ensure the full removal of any undesirable spotting and soiling, and at the same time not jeopardize the strength of the material. Brushes and Eco-friendly detergents are used on the more thermally sensitive hard floor materials whereas steam, buffing and polishing machines are employed when dealing with sturdier hard floor substances like granite, marble, and slate.

To further contribute to the shiny finish you should expect from us, you may order a special sealer treatment that will not only lock in the clean results for a longer period of time but also make it easier for you to remove dirt in the future – ultimately saving you time and money. We also offer a 30% discount on all combined orders for both commercial and residential clients, to further ease the financial burden one must undergo when striving for a spotless household.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

It's not until you see that gray outline between your tiles, that you start noticing the grout between them. Initially, the substance used to keep dirt and grime from entering the spaces between your tiles, it's now a filthy nuisance that you simply cannot ignore every time you take a shower. Luckily we offer a specialized, professional tile and grout cleaning service for South West Londoners, that is fast and efficient in removing any dirt, mold and paint staining problems you may have. The treatment utilizes natural, toxin free processes to extract all unwanted marks gently, making it suitable for all sorts of grout and tiling - a diverse solution to your paint spot removal problems.

Once on location, our technician will have to inspect the affected areas and determine the proper tile and grout cleaning agents that will yield the best results and not harm your grout at the same time. Most cases can be resolved by using our portable grout and tile cleaning equipment which efficiently uses steam to clear away everything that does not have a place in a hygienic household. Upon your request, we can also apply a clear sealer that will keep your grout from getting mold and also, later on, make it easier for you to keep it clean.

Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone slabs have some of the most mesmerizing shapes and patterns, each formed from different events and cycles, long forgotten by time. It would be a shame if their timeless beauty was underwhelmed by the mundane household. It's a good thing then that we also provide one of the best natural stone cleaning services in South West London specially designed to remove any unwanted marks and leave no memory of paint and grease staining. While natural stone may be very durable in the long term, its breathtaking aesthetics is the reason many SW households incorporate it in their interior design. This is why we don't use adhesive pastes and detergents that may ruin the natural beauty, but rather opt for the most high-tech solution of our mobile steam maker that allows for instant access to every crevasse that needs our attention. The steam quite successfully binds with and removes every problematic spot that might occur, without damaging the perfect finish of the surface.

As per your request, we can also apply a clear sealer that will prolong the clean results and make future natural stone cleaning a lot faster and easier. The liquid is applied to a certain spot and is then distributed by our buffer that polishes all of the surfaces for a satisfying shine.

Outdoors Cleaning

There is no reason for the outside of your house to be neglected either, but now you can enjoy a through clean not online inside of your house, but also outside. We can give you a complete package and cover every outdoors area that might need a refreshing or a proper rinse after a construction project. Here are some of the areas we cover:

  • Pool area
  • Porch area
  • Stone and brick
  • Vinyl siding
  • Driveway
  • Patio
  • Eves and Gutters

For outdoors cleaning we utilize pressure washing machines that send regular tap water under high pressure, right trough the accumulated dirt leaving a spotless area. It is so effective that in most cases we only use regular water though there are some surfaces that require special treatment. Even then, everything used in the cleaning process is ecologically sustainable and will not harm the environment making it safe for use around humans and their animals.

Our Cleaning Methods

Pressure Washing

Book Hard Floor CleanersPressure washing is usually used on more sturdy surfaces used for outdoors purposes. It is quick and very effective in removing accumulated dirt and grime from asphalt, natural stone, and bricks. Depending on the location and the severity of the staining, we either use our portable or truck mounted power washer. The latter is quite more powerful but does not have the benefit of being as portable as its smaller counterpart. Both of them use normal water to clean any mess you can think off though some cases can call for detergent use.

We are environmentally conscious, this is why we use only bio-degradable, toxin free cleaning solutions, that are safe for use around plants, animals, and humans – perfect for both domestic and commercial use. This, when combined booked, will give you a 30% discount that will lower the overall pricing of our services.

Steam Cleaning

This is a process that uses steam and water under pressure to purify and remove mold and staining from natural and synthetic hard floor coverings very quickly. Water is brought up to a boil and it's the steam that is used as the cleaning agent. It is best used on tiling and grout as it gets all of the small seems and penetrates between the crevasses, but it can also work on natural stone, granite, and any other natural surface. This is a very useful when dealing with greasy food staining and paints as the heat reacts by uprooting them from the surface and making them easier to remove. Vacuum is then applied to not only remove the excess moisture from the surface but to also pick up any leftover dirt. Microscopic surfaces scratching and abrasions can spread, dulling the otherwise fabulous aesthetic of your counter tops or natural stone floors, not only that, but they can also house harmful bacteria that can easily cause unpleasant smells and if not removed – staining. This is why we recommend regularly scheduled hard floor cleaning, every 6 to 8 months. It's not only good for the image of your house, but also the health and well-being of your family.

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Book KN Cleaning Ltd. quickly and easily, by calling 020 3746 4604 and giving our trained operatives some basic information about the size and location of the problem. If you want, we even have free price estimations that can give you an idea of how much our professional hard floor cleaning services in SW London will cost you. Filling out our Booking Form is also a fantastic and worry-free way of scheduling and in the case of an emergency, you can access our instant chat support right away. Don't tarry, book us today and get your hard floors professionally cleaned at a discounted rate!

Benefits of booking us:

  • A professional cleaning job
  • Constant access to our resources and personnel
  • Professionally trained, UK citizen specialists
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  • Quick and efficient
  • Same day booking

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