Curtain Cleaning in South West London

Curtain Cleaners KN Cleaning Ltd. provides South West London with a professional yet affordable curtain cleaning service that we have designed to meet any of your drapery cleaning needs. Our expert cleaning company delivers only insured cleaning services.

Benefits of Curtains Cleaning:

  • A nice smell throughout the room
  • Clean looking curtains
  • Refreshing the fabric and the air
  • Removal of dust
  • Can help people with sensitive skins

All detergents and cleaning agents used in our projects are not only non-toxic, making them safe for household and business use, but also have an odour neutralizing effect on all fabric materials.

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KN Cleaning Ltd. Cleaning Services

Curtain Cleaning

We can remove stains, bad smells and prevent discoloration on all different kinds of curtains and we can do it in a short notice, by either using dry or steam curtain cleaning London. Our teams are versatile and can adjust to the circumstances – we will completely take down, treat and rehang everything if need be, and we can do it on-sight. Drapery can be quite delicate, that is why we always test the textile and determine it's exact composition. A non-toxic detergent corresponding to the staining will be chosen, as to most effectively extract all dirt and grime, after which all of the excess materials will be drawn out via a powerful vacuum. We take even greater care of the curtain lining that protects the textile and everything inside of the room from the harmful UV rays since it accumulates quite a lot of odors and dust. This is to ensure the absolute completion of the job and secure your 100% satisfaction.

Blinds Cleaning

Our teams have successfully dealt with many different kinds of blinds, using family friendly and pet safe detergents. Nowadays there are so many various models that it would be hard to mention everything we cover, however, here is a list to give you an idea of our extensive experience:

  • Silhouette Wood Vertical
  • Venetian Duette Plisse
  • Japanese Blinds Roller Woven woodcraft
  • Facette Ondulette Roman blinds

With the spotless treatment of any of these, comes the full guarantee of no shrinkage and discoloration of the fabric and textile. We clean stains, rejuvenate textiles and remove all bad smells from the base of all kinds of blinds and we do it quickly and professionally. Simply apply the chosen solution, use either dry or steam cleaning depending on what you have. After that, our team will re-hang everything and let it dry for up to 3 hours. You don't have to worry about wrinkling either, gravity will straighten everything out under the weight of the fabric – it's cheap and natural.

Cleaning Methods

Depending on the type of curtains or blinds you have, and after testing to determine the exact composition of the textile, our technicians will employ one of the following methods:

Steam Cleaning

Also called “Hot Water Extraction” is used to treat water-based stains, as well as grease and grass. It is extremely useful when cleaning curtains and blinds as the leftover moisture from it is minimal and it allows for a quick drying process. Very versatile on in-field jobs since the curtains don't even have to be removed from their railing. It is both used when dealing with blinds and curtains as it will remove dust from wooden blinds and perfectly deal with woven textiles. Wool and synthetic materials react best to this treatment. What it combined with a deodorizing procedure is not only going to yield fantastic results, but it will also save you money – booking more than one of our services will discounts the final price of the package, ultimately saving you money. If the situation requires it, we can take your drapery or blinds down, treat stains that are more difficult to remove using special cleaning solutions, then use a steaming machine to rejuvenate and refresh the materials. We will afterward rehang the now clean curtains or blinds without charging you extra, all as a part of our Full Customer Satisfaction plan.

Dry Cleaning

The dry treatment is utilized when water sensitive textiles are present, best used on sofas and carpets, this can also prove useful on certain kinds of blinds and curtains since most textiles used in both are prone to shrinkage. The powder our expert curtain cleaners use will penetrate the lining of any sort of curtain, which is used to prevent the discoloration of pigments and protect the room from harmful UV lights. The procedure has a freshening effect on the textile and does come with a fresh lemony after-smell though you can opt for a more tropical sensation. The fine powder attaches to all dust and grime, even wet spots, which makes it easier for them to be extracted. A powerful vacuum is used to draw everything out and leave no memory of previous smells or stains, with the only thing left behind being a freshened room. Because this method uses no moisture there is no drying time, meaning there's no chance of mold occurring.

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Benefits of Booking Us:

  • We are available during weekends and bank holidays
  • We accept multiple payment methods
  • Full insurance
  • Same Day booking
  • Complete takedown and re-hang services

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