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Carpet Cleaning SWKN Cleaning Ltd. is a professional company, specialized in carpet care in the SW area and can help you with those and any other staining or dirt accumulation scenario as well as rejuvenate your old and worn out floor coverings efficiently and cheaply. Our experts are trained and vetted according to the highest standards in the industry. All of them are ready to provide you with commercial and domestic cleaning. To ensure your full satisfaction, their expertise is also available on weekends and bank holidays - at no extra charge – from early morning to late evening.  Are you ready to book our professional carpet cleaning South West London services? Do that by giving us a call on 020 3746 4604 and by filling out our simple Booking Form.

Home Carpet Cleaning

Home carpets are subjected to a slew of different strains, would those be long years of service or high traffic. There are signs it might be time to have yours cleaned, but you can't be bothered to do it yourself - we are the carpet cleaning company for you. Whether a full house project or a rug or two, we can deal with it in no time, even on weekends and bank holidays – at no extra charge. Not only that but all of the detergents we utilize are Ecologically friendly and completely safe for use around children and pets – now you can rest comfortably while we deal with all the nasty ware and tare. The service is ideal for all spring and autumn freshening projects, end of tenancy cleaning, or real estate beatifications as it has a flexible scheduling system that accommodates even same day booking. In addition, for your convenience we have free price estimations - ask our operatives what our service would cost you. London-based households that regularly book us will get a loyalty price discounting, and if scheduling a combined service an additional discount on the final price of the service. What a great way to save time and money!

Benefits of Home Carpet Cleaning:

  • allergy prevention
  • hazardous bacteria removal
  • returning the freshens of the fabric
  • saving you money on new carpets
  • increasing the value of a property
  • returning the beauty to your rooms

Office Carpet Cleaning

London offices are especially prone to dirt and coffee stains, so if you are in a situation where you need a reliable office cleaning during the weekday or weekends, your best bet is with us. We deal with all kinds of commercial messes in a professional and timely manner, without disrupting the workflow of your business. To ensure the full efficiency of the process, we offer a personalized quote that will allow us to create a suitable plan for the day of the cleaning. We will dispatch a supervisor who will take a look at the location and create a detailed plan in which he will state the final price. In cases where weekday carpet maintenance is not possible, we can visit on weekends and even bank holidays at no extra charge – from 5:30 am to 23:30 pm. All equipment and detergents we use are ecologically safe and pose no threat to your workforce as they are all bio-degradable and safe to use around humans and animals. Every solution in our arsenal leaves a pleasant, fresh smell, none of that obnoxiously pungent cleaning product stench. In addition, to all of this, we also offer regular scheduling which comes with a loyalty discount – it not only saves you money but also the time and nerves of having to look for a new carpet cleaning service every month. Further discounting is also possible when multiple of our services are booked – the more the merrier.

Benefits of Office Carpet Cleaning:

  • A hazard-free working environment
  • A presentable working space
  • A boost to morale – no one likes working in a dirty office
  • A low carpet maintenance cost – when combined with our Scotchguard protection
  • Savings from our multiple offices cleaning discounts

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Carpet Cleaners That Always Deliver!

Some carpet materials are delicate and quite absorbent, they can easily stain and be almost impossible to clean if not dealt with properly, others require a more deep approach. This is why we have several methods designed to not only remove all dirt and staining, but to also protect the various fabrics carpets nowadays are made out of. Before our specialists start the treatment, they first inspect the fibers composite to determine the proper procedure and technique, according to the test your floor coverings will be subjected to:

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This is a procedure that uses steam to remove accumulated dirt and stains from fibers. As it uses water vapors to clean, synthetic textiles and wool will reap the most benefits from the processes that undergo. Our expert cleaners recommend steam carpeting procedures be performed on:

  • wool
  • nylon
  • polyester
  • acrylic
  • polypropylene

Steam carpet cleaning is used to treat coffee, rust, oil, grass, food and lots of other stains, but it can also help with removing dust mites and any dangerous bacteria. Since it does not use any toxic detergents it is safe for both pets and small children and it helps with allergies leaving you with a deodorizing after-effect. The process is quite simple - our technicians come over, hoover the areas to be treated and pre-treat any severe staining to ensure its full removal later on. Hot water is put in the machine along with an environmentally friendly detergent designed to remove the stains you want to be eradicated. Once the water becomes steam it is then injected with a special brush deep into the base of the carpet, the steam brings up all of the grime which is then vacuumed out along with 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning process. Everything will dry in about 3 hours, for a quicker result, we can use a drying machine or the low-tech option of an opened window. If you care to see, our technician will show you what was gathered.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a method created to help to remove soil, dirt and dust safely and easily from moist sensitive carpets, without shrinking the delicate fibers. It uses no moisture and is perfectly suited for treating highly absorbent materials that would otherwise take ages to dry. It has long lasting refreshing effects and it can be used to rejuvenate all of your furniture and carpeting. Our expertise shows that this is best used on most natural and some synthetic fibers like:

  • sisal silk linen
  • jute velvet hessian
  • cotton viscose seagrass

The entire method is quick and effective in removing all kinds of stains. A special, absorbent biodegradable powder is distributed evenly using a small brush that drives the powder deep into the fibers, it’s left like this for a while to accumulate the soil, dust and dirt from the fibers. After a few minutes, our technicians extract it from the carpet using powerful vacuums leaving your carpets cleaned, dry and ready to use. Perfect for people and businesses looking for a quick and efficient clean up.

Additional Cleaning Services

Quick Drying

This is a procedure where we use our air moves – a group of big fans, to speed up the drying process. It is best utilized on cold and rainy days when opening a window simply won't suffice, or on weekends when you don't want to wait around – so we speed up the process. Our air mover services perfectly combine with the steam cleaning procedure, which does have some leftover moisture. Combining those two and any other of our services will grant you a price discount and lower the overall price of our visit – a fantastic way to save money and get your carpets cleaned at the same time.


A service perfect for removing the odour of tobacco use, puppies in training, or simply the olfactory mark that years of use have left on your carpets. It's fast, efficient and cost-effective and its ideal for removing all unwanted smells, leaving you with a fresh feel. We use fiber friendly deodorants and odor neutralizers, that we've made sure are non-toxic and safe to use around pets and children. They leave no visible marks on the fabrics except for a fresh and clean smell. This can be booked as a single service or combined with one of our other solutions. We recommend it to those who are in a hurry - it is the fastest way of removing unwanted smells from your carpets in a short notice without having to clean them. Though keep in mind that smell is a predicate of an unclean fabric that might require further treatment.

Stain Removal

There are stains that can be a pain to remove, and if left for a prolonged time can become irremovable. If you need stubborn carpet stains dealt with quickly and efficiently this service is ideal for you as we take on problems of any nature, would those be commercial or domestic. Our spot eradication expertise spans a wide catalog including but not limited to:

  • Alcohol, Blood, Soft Drinks, Unknown Stains
  • Coffee, Glue, Vomit, Chewing Gum
  • Tea, Egg, Solids, Oil
  • Liquid, Foods, Ice Cream, Fats, Ointment
  • Pet, Urine, Milk, Tar, Shoe Polish

Each and every one of these binds to the carpeting in a specific way. That is why they need to be treated with the proper solvents and detergents, which we have. A tea spill, for example, will be treated with “Stain Pro” which will react with the affected area, removing the discolorations and keeping the fibers safe. Curry stains, on the other hand, require “Neutral Pro Spotter”, which too reacts with the natural dyes in space without removing the carpet's own pigments. *if you don't find your problem in the list above, call our operatives any time of the day and ask if we deal with it.

Scotchgard protection

For the full protection and the prolonged life and freshness of your carpet's fabric, we now also offer Scotchgard protection – a white emulsion detergent which does exactly that, it deters dirt and retains the natural qualities of your carpeting. Not only will they last longer, but they will also stay cleaner for a longer period of time – ultimately saving you money. The detergent itself is an odorless substance that will not interfere with the deodorizing procedure or any of our other detergents. Scotchgard carpet protector helps:

  • Carpet fibers resist soiling
  • Stains be released more easily
  • Vacuuming removes dirt more efficiently
  • Protecting from oil and other water based spotting
  • Prevents spills from becoming stains

It is recommended that this service is combined with either dry or steam London carpet cleaning though it is also possible to be booked on its own.

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