Carpet Cleaning Streatham SW16

Pro Carpet Cleaner Streatham Listen one, listen to all – now we also cover the SW16 district area including all of its constituents - Streatham Common, Norbury, Thornton Heath, Streatham Park, Furzedown, Streatham Vale, Mitcham Common and Pollards Hill as well as Eastfields. To these areas we bring a lot more than mere workers, we bring expertise and an unprecedented eye for detail, making us one of the most desirable carpet cleaning Streatham SW16 companies in the entire Greater London area. When you choose us, you get:

  • Effective stain removal
  • Top-notch fibre protection
  • Long lasting clean effects
  • Working on Weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Friendly and helpful customer support team
  • Affordable prices

Simply dial 020 3746 4604 and our friendly SW16 Streatham and Croydon operator will provide you with a free quote and offer a good deal.

About KN Cleaning Ltd.

With 8 years of carpet cleaning experience under our belt and a crew of seasoned technicians, we are certain that we can deliver you the best stain extraction results imaginable. Our techniques are effective yet gentle towards the fibers of your carpeting, they protect the color and prevent bleeding which can not only damage its look, but the furniture situated above it.

With the decline in weather and increase of ocean levels, we've deiced it's about time that we too took action and became green. Ever since 2006 all of our detergents and cleaning methods have been optimized in a way that will keep them effective against a large catalog of spots, but not harms the environment while active. We've made sure that everything is made out of biodegradable ingredients found in nature, not only will the environment no suffer, but you and your family will be and feel safer. They do not cause rashes, and successfully battle allergens, acting like drug-free allergy alleviation.

Combine this with our expertise and you have the formula for a truly great service that is available in SW16 Streatham and Croydon to you at all days of the week, even during weekends and bank holidays.

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Carpet Cleaners Streatham SW16 - Ready To Act Now!

With this service, we cover every aspect of carpet care in SW16 Streatham. From stain removal to fiber rejuvenation and conditioning, we are the carpet cleaning team for you. Our technicians start off by examining the affected area, not only to determine the type of staining but to also assess it's severity and the type of detergent that needs to be used. Depending on the type of fibers, he will then either use steam or dry cleaning, both of which suitable for different kinds of carpet types. Fiber conditioning is also possible, by applying our Scotchgard protection detergent, we will seal in the clean results and also make it easier for you to clean in the future. It can also prolong the lifetime of your entire carpet, making it a great investment.

Additional Services in SW16 

Why only clean your carpets when we also have other stand-alone services that cover every aspect of household and office maintenance. You want you upholstered furniture refreshed? Done! You think that your mattress might be infested with bed bugs, we have an ultraviolet solution for that. Or perhaps your Persian rug has suffered the test of time and it's time for a deep clean, we cover rug cleaning as well. Curtains and hard floor stains are a thing of the past. Simply call our specialized SW16 Streatham and Croydon customer support on 020 3746 4604 and ask if we cover your problem, chances are we do. All of them can be booked alone, but why have only one thing cleaned when you can have your entire house spotless in a matter of hours? Plus, with our combined booking you will get a special discount. Be sure to ask our team about this discount and any of our current ones to be up to date and ready to save more cash.

Book Professional Carpet Cleaning SW16 Streatham 

Don't tolerate a dirty house or office, give us a call on 020 3746 4604 today and we will do miracles with your old furniture and withered carpets. You can also fill out our booking form or enter our instant chat support where we can address all of your questions and concerns. Don't forget yo ask about our free price estimation in SW16 Streatham and Croydon, this way you will get a real-time idea of how much our expertise will cost you.

SW16 Streatham and Croydon Area Information

SW16 or Streatham district is a South West London borough, perhaps the one furthest south in the entire SW region. In it are included Streatham Common, Norbury, Thornton Heath, Streatham Park, Furzedown, Streatham Vale, Mitcham Common and Pollards Hill as well as Eastfields. It shares a lot its local authority areas with the neighboring borough which include Croydon, Lambeth, Merton, and Wandsworth. It has several small parks within its borders including Streatham Common Norbury Park.

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